Sports Life offers quality Sports Coaching for the UAE National and Expat community in Dubai. We are the first private sports club in the UAE which provides professional training for all kind of Aquatic Sports: Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Open Water Swimming. In January 2016 Sports Life has added one of the most beautiful and graceful sport for girls - Rhythmic Gymnastics. 


All our coaches are highly qualified by ASA, ASCA, American Red Cross, FINA coaches association and LEN coaches association and motivated to provide the best training available in the UAE. As Sports Life works to bring the best and the brightest to Dubai.  

Our Mission

As a competitive sport club is to further develop all aspects of sport and to benefit our swimmers by providing them with opportunities to help them grow and achieve new levels in & out of the pool.

Our Vision

To provide children and adults with an opportunity to learn the basic swimming skills to become confident and safe in the water (pool, sea, etc...)

To increase the number of people who does the regular sports activities for their health and fitness.

Our Activities

Our Locations

Contact Us:

  • Website:        WWW.SPORTSLIFE-UAE.COM
  • Email:            SPORTS@DNAN-SPORTSLIFE.COM
  • Landline:      +971 (0)4 44 95308
  • Fax:               +971 (0)4 44 75536
  • Mobile:         +971 (0)55 5776760 / +971 (0)56 1089608