Sports Life is one of the biggest companies in the Middle East for Sports Management & Marketing as we provide the following services:



Our international partners of experienced consultants assist clients in identifying and leveraging the right opportunities in sport within the following separate, yet highly inter-related components that are fundamental to sport in any city/region or country: events, performance, participation and facilities.



We provide the best professional training for all ages and abilities for Swimming, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming in various locations in Dubai.


Our aim is to help Sports Federations and Sports Event Companies in the Arab world to grow and upgrade themselves as well as to help young and talented athletes in the UAE to achieve their maximum athletic potential.



Accreditation, Accommodation, Transportation, Volunteers, Web, Timing and Scoring Systems, etc..



We organize training camps all over the world for any sport (Team & individual sports) for clubs, organizations and individuals.


Sports Life also has got rights to translate the FINA Aquatics World Magazine in Arabic. The FINA Aquatics World Magazine is the official bimonthly magazine of FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation) which is the Intercontinental Governing Body for Aquatic Sports. Launched in January 2010, it features exclusive interviews of stars in Aquatics and leading figures, in-depth analysis by experts and the media in FINA's six disciplines - Swimming, Water polo, Diving, Synchronised swimming, Open water and high diving. In the Arabic Edition of the FINA Aquatics World Magazine you can find more information about all the latest news in the Arab countries.


Sports Life has an exceptional connection to the international sports world which adds value to all requests of our clients.