Learn to Swim Program

Testing and Advancement goals Testing is done at the end of each term to assess your child’s swimming skills and capabilities to progress to the next level. This will be done by one of the coaches on pool deck. With a completed checklist (report) of your child.

Learn To Swim Levels

Swim Americas goal is to teach children to swim, be confident in the water, to develop their swimming skills and create the love for the sport.


New Beginners (3+ years old) - Stage 1

The aim of this program is to mainly build the child’s confidence, teaching them basic skills such as floating and basic water safety skills. This is the beginning stage of learn to swim, for kids who cannot swim at all. Lesson duration is 45 minutes.


Improved Beginners (4+ years old) - Stage 2

This program is progression from new learners. The aim of this program is to learn basic kicking, diving and gliding skills. This program introduces the early skills and basic techniques for front crawl and backstroke, becoming water safe and being able to swim to a point of safety by themselves. For these lessons the ages are from 4 years upwards. Lesson duration is 45 minutes.


Stroke development 1 (5+ years old) - Stage 3

The aim of this program is to introduce the child to an aquatic environment and to teach the fundamental skills for swimming. Children will be introduced to deep water, being able to tread the water to support themselves without the help of any flotation devices. This program primarily focuses on developing Front stroke, Backstroke and stamina. Lesson duration is 45 minutes.


Stroke development 2 (6+ years old) - Stage 4

The aim of this program is to improve the Front crawl and Backstroke. The breaststroke as well as butterfly will be introduced as well as the starting dive. During the course the swimmers will work on stamina and distance. Classes will be held in deep water only.

Lesson duration is 45 minutes.


Development (7+ years old) - Stage 5

Skills to be learned: Proper and correct technique of all swimming strokes; Improving the Freestyle with bilateral breathing and Turns for all strokes.

Learning the Sidestroke kicking, Sidestroke swim and Starts with underwater part for all strokes. These classes are 60 minutes.