Squad Specific Rules


  • If the swimmer is sick please notify Coach Ahmed Gebrel immediately.
  • Swimmers swim program will be adjusted when swimmer is well again.
  • If swimmer is sick for a longer period then 48hours a doctor’s sick note need to be handed in to Coach Ahmed Gebrel.
  • If  the swimmer is not well enough to swim but able to come to poolside then the swimmer still need to attend the training session and will be given dry side exercises instead. 


  • All Squad swimmers need to attend galas suitable for them. Coach Ahmed will select squad swimmers to represent Sports Life Swimming club. 
  • The swimmers PB timings, attendance and effort in the sessions will be the criteria to enter such galas. 

Swimming during exam:

  • During school exam periods swimmers need to attend 50% of the swimming sessions..

Swimming during holidays:

Each holiday we organize special Squad training sessions in the Morning i  Hamdan pool. All squad swimmers who representing Sports Life in any swim meet need to join these sessions.