Synchronised Swimming Classes

Levels of our classes

1st Level - "Beginners" 

2nd Level - "Developing Skills" - have to pass the Star 1 exam

3rd Level - "Talent Development"  - have to pass the Star 2 exam

4th Level - "Elite" - learning figures and more difficult elements

Competitions / Exam Calendar

COMING SOON for 2017 / 2018


Summer Synchronised Swimming Program

Raffles World Academy

Essential Precautions and Safety Measures

Firstly, let’s talk about few safety measures you should take before you venture out to try your hands at synchronized swimming.


Learn to swim FIRST

Before you try synchronized swimming, you should be quite familiar with the basic techniques of swimming, such as staying afloat and propelling yourself smoothly in water. This is essential because synchronized swimming requires you to move to greater depths, and you should be an expert swimmer to be confident enough to try it.


Work on your fitness.


Swimming is all about flexibility and the art of maneuvering yourself skillfully in water. Synchronized swimming requires you to stay afloat in deep water for long hours, without touching the floor of the pool. This can be strenuous if one lacks the desired level of physical fitness. To work on your fitness levels, go for stretch exercises. Splits are a great way to improve on your flexibility, making it easier to move gracefully.


Choose the right gear.


Just like any other sport, the right gear is essential for synchronized swimming as well. You should have a nose clip, a silicon cap, and goggles. Nose clip helps you hold your breath under water and it is recommended that you choose professional quality nose clips for better effect.